Product care

For us there is nothing better than using the most buttery leathers, crispest cottons, softest cashmeres and finest silks for you to wear over and over again.

The care instructions on our garments’ labels will give you advice on how to best care for your garment, making sure that they remain long-loved favourites for years to come.


Wools don’t need washing as often as other fibres might, in fact, they will last a lot longer between washes if you don’t. Here are a few things you can do instead:

Air it out - simply hang out your garment, many types of wool have anti-bacterial properties already in the fibre and will self-clean.

Brush it - brushing wools will not only prevent pilling (give it a little extra brush where the garment is most subjected to friction, under arms and the side where you hang your bag) but also releases its natural oils, which rejuvenates the material.

Spot clean – why clean the whole garment if only a small area needs it? And when doing this, be careful not to use too much concentrated detergent as this can damage the material.

When it is time to wash, pay extra attention if there is a line beneath the wash basin symbol. If there is, it means that the garment should be washed in a gentle wash or on delicate cycle (i.e. no or very low spin cycle). This is important as if it is not followed correctly will cause pillage, felting and shrinkage to the garment.

Also, no knitted things will enjoy a trip round the tumble dryer! Instead, when drying, lay your woollens flat on a towel to absorb any extra moisture, whilst gently reshaping them (knits can be heavy when wet and that extra weight will pull them out of shape if you dry them over a rail or hanging up).


Cotton is fully machine washable. To maintain light colours and keep them bright, it’s a good idea to pre-treat stains in areas such as underarms, necklines, and cuffs.


You can wash light colours on a standard cycle in the washing machine, whilst darker colours should be professionally cleaned to avoid transfer.


As a naturally delicate fabric, we suggest that you always have it professionally cleaned or wash by hand with mild detergent made especially for silk as normal detergent can destroy the silk fibres.


To ensure it maintains its shape, we would advise that you have it professionally cleaned.


Our leather is reliably hard-wearing, yet as a natural material it can be sensitive. We suggest you take extra care of leather items and invest in professional cleaning when necessary. 

Many of our shoes have leather soles for a high quality finish. Although treated to be as hard-wearing as possible, for wear in wet conditions and on rough surfaces, we suggest that you have your nubuck leather soles re-soled by a shoe specialist to protect from damage.

General care 

We recommend reading the care label on our clothes carefully as some garments, especially woollens, are not suitable for standard machine washes. To dry your woollens, simply follow the advice above. All other garments are suitable for line drying.

Items which are machine washable, we recommend to be washed at low temp.

Items which contain metal embellishment or bullion thread, we recommend to be dry-cleaned only.