Welcome to Emperor London's new luxurious private shopping service for childrenswear.


Select the age range for the products you would like to try.


We will then bring the products to your prefered location with our vip concierge service for you to try.


Pay for whichever items you like to keep in cash or with credit cards.


Our expert Personal Shopping team is sympathetic to the day-to-day demands of its clients and are on-hand to make shopping as enjoyable, stress-free and effortless as possible at the comfort of your home / hotel.
To arrange your appointment kindly fill the below form to request your appointment or email us on info@emperorlondon.com. Please also note that for the time being this service is only available in Dubai. Each appointment is complimentary, pre-arranged and bespoke to you.
Private Shopping

T: +971 4 551 5484

E: info@emperorlondon.com